Скобы бортовые колебательные продольные "Bozamet" Польша

Staples onboard oscillatory longitudinal “Bozamet” Poland

The online store of PVC coated fabrics, tent fittings and equipment offers you to order and buy vibrating tent brackets with longitudinal placement of the ring to the base from the Polish manufacturer BOZAMET. The excellent quality and durability of the proposed oscillating brackets has been confirmed by the presence in the Moldovan market for over 15 years. Oscillatory swivel brackets allow you to perform a more flexible connection of the awning with the body, which, when the awning is tensioned, protects the awning material from its premature damage.

Flatbed oscillating longitudinal2551galvanized steel
Flatbed oscillating longitudinal3751galvanized steel
Flatbed oscillating longitudinal5551galvanized steel