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Our the company, sells both wholesale and retail technical fabrics with PVC coating, better known as tent fabrics or PVC tent materials, as well as accessories for the production of tents. Began the activities of our company was founded more than 20 years ago, when in the distant 1994 employees of our company was made the first in Moldova tent of PVC fabric.

Other of the main activities of our company is the sale of hardware, accessories and components for freight trailers, both flatbed and tent,from such manufacturers as VERTON Poland, «Bozamet» PolandSuer GmbH Germany,  «Edscha» Germany, «Versus-Omega» Belgium, «BWT» Poland.

The Company has a long-term and fruitful relationship with such firms as “Sioen Coating” Belgium, “Sattler” Germany,Naizil Italy, “Sauleda” Spain, Achilles Japan – the world’s leading manufacturers of films for the manufacture of tents, children’s attractions, boats, sports coatings, etc.

In sale, there is also a full range of equipment for PVC welding tissues and membranes, from the best world brands “Forsthoff” Germany,  Herz GmbH Germany  and “Leister” Switzerland.

Our assortment is updated every day and our employees process your orders with maximum speed.

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