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Our company offers to buy high quality tent fabric for the manufacture of various awnings and advertising media. The fabric from our range is supplied to world leaders in the production of PVC materials and is in high demand among consumers in Moldova.

Main properties and practical characteristics of PVC Fabric:

Modern Awning fabric – thick and tear-resistant PVC-coating, in the manufacturing process subjected to reinforcement with polyester mesh. As a result, the fabric acquires increased strength and reliability, but at the same time remains flexible and elastic. The surface of the fabric has a pronounced water-repellent properties, not susceptible to rotting. Also PVC awning fabric:
– great for outdoor use, in the temperature range from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C.
– is not subject to burning. In the presence of a source of open fire, the fabric does not flash, but only melts.
– it is made in various colors (over 15 variants), depending on the wishes of the customer.
– differs in high wear resistance. Even after years of operation, the awning material maintains a presentable and neat appearance.
– resistant to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.

Uses and Key Benefits

Made of tent fabric in Moldova:
– sheds for summer cafes and terraces, summer houses, cattle-breeding complexes.
– tents to protect cars from climatic factors – rain, snow and hail, frost, etc.
– the domes of summer circuses, tent, seasonal pavilions (trade, exhibition, etc.), industrial hangars and warehouses.
– children’s play complexes, as well as children’s pools for country houses.
– carriers of outdoor advertising of any size – banners, banners, etc.
In addition, Awning fabric in Moldova can be used for the manufacture of protective curtains for railway cars and boats, lids of containers, etc.

Due to its high wear resistance, the average service life of PVC coatings is about 10 years. Despite the high density, this material is lightweight, easy to install. Other advantages of tents, besides those already listed, are:
– adequate and affordable price;
– ample opportunities for drawing images on technology of the digital press;
– environmental friendliness, safety for human health and the environment;
– ease and convenience of processing – welding and cutting. For welding awning cloths, you must use an industrial hair dryer.

Our company sells products of world famous brands “Sioen” and “Vitex”. It meets the strict European quality standards and is optimally suited for operation in the climatic conditions of our country.