Штанговые воротные запоры наружного крепления "BWT" Польша

Barbell gate bolts for external fastening “BWT” Poland

Online shop of tent materials, accessories and equipment for welding offers to order and buy rod bolts for external fastening.
Locks are used for locking doors of vans, special equipment, buses and other types of passenger-and-freight transport.
The mechanism of such locks is a swivel rod, equipped at both ends with locking fingers, which, when closing / opening the door, contacts with brackets mounted on the door opening that have fixed stops.

ArticleImageMaterialWeight, kg
BO61050AOutdoor boom door locksgalvanized steel5.6
BO61060Outdoor boom door locksgalvanized steel5.6
BO61230 SOutdoor boom door locksstainless steel2.900