Материал ПВХ антискользящий "Sioen S2700" Бельгия


PVC material anti-slip “Sioen S2700” Belgium

Special anti-slip PVC fabric of the Belgian company “Sioen” with one-sided coating. Distinctive embossing “cubes” on the upper side, used for anti-slip purposes. Used in various gyms, swimming pools, places where you need waterproof, non-slip coating.
Material is available only in blue (5999).
The same material, only without phthalate compounds is available under the code G2759.

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warp fabric / thread thickness100% PES / 1100 Dtex%
Resistance to rupture by flow2300 N / 5cm
Weight (grams per square meter)700 gr / sq.m.
Varnishing– / –
Tear resistance based on2500 N / 5cm
Resistance to rupture when cutting along the base270 N
Tear resistance when cut in the weft270 N
Adhesion90 N / 5cm
Operating temperature-30 / + 70 C
Color fastness class7-8
Fire Resistance
Applicationmaterial is used in places where a non-slip surface is needed, these are sports halls, pools