Сварочный автомат для тентовых и баннерных тканей "FORSTHOFF-P2"

Hand welding extruder for welding with bar ExOn1 HERZ

Professional, light, handheld extruder with digital control and built-in air supply for welding with a rod of materials PE, PP, PVDF, PVC.

Advantages of the machine :

• Integrated air supply.
• Integrated thermal shield between extruder body and drive.
• Unique, patented temperature measurement directly in the melt.
• Exposed temperature of air and mass with minimal deviation from the set value.
• Low weight due to the manufacture of lightweight materials.
• Much less wear parts compared to other extruders.
• Auger mechanism.
• Built-in protection system during cold start of the extruder, performs two functions:
– to protect the drive and auger.
– to avoid errors when deviating from the set temperature.
• Digital indicator of the set and current temperature. Manufacturer: HERZ – Germany.

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