Оправки овальные для люверсов (колец) "Bozamet" Польша

Mandrel oval for grommets (rings) “Bozamet” Poland

The online store of PVC fabrics and accessories invites you to purchase mandrels for oval eyelets from the Polish manufacturer BOZAMET. The mandrel oval is used when installing the oval eyelets for expanding the eyelet. In the process of stuffing rings (eyelets), punches and special percussion hammers are also used. The excellent quality and durability of the proposed oval flares for rings, confirmed by the presence in the Moldovan market for over 15 years. Important! The size of the grommet must match the size of the work surface of the mandrel.

d, mm PictureMaterialWeight, kg
40Оправки овальные для люверсовtool steel2.0