Люверсы круглые «Bozamet» Польша

Round eyelets “Bozamet” Poland

The online PVC fabric store and accessories offers to order and buy eyelets from the Polish manufacturer BOZAMET. The awning grommet is a metal ring, which is fixed into the fabric with the help of special tools. Rings are put in order to give the material the necessary tension, to be able to fix the fabric on the surfaces. To install the eyelet, a punch, mandrel and hammer are needed. The working surface of the puncher and the flare tool (mandrel) must necessarily correspond to the diameter of the installed eyelet. The excellent quality and durability of the rings on offer has been confirmed by the presence on the market for over 15 years.

Imaged, mmD, mmH, mmNote
 Cranks round & quot; Bozamet & quot; Poland 10206.5material: galvanized steel
 Cranes round & quot; Bozamet & quot; Poland 12247.8material: galvanized steel
 Cranks round & quot; Bozamet & quot; Poland 406212.5material: galvanized steel