Люверсы для тента прямоугольные "Bozamet" Польша

Rectangular tarpaulin eyelets “Bozamet” Poland

In our materials store of PVC fittings and equipment you can order and buy rectangular grommets from Polish manufacturer BOZAMET.
To install rectangular grommets, punches and mandrels are required that correspond to the size of grommets to be installed.
The excellent quality and durability of the grommets offered is confirmed by the presence on the Moldovan market for over 15 years. Galvanized steel grommets.
Under the order, our company can bring gold-colored brass grommets.

Imaged, mmD, mmH, mmNote
Round eyelets & quot; Bozamet & quot; Poland 27810.5material: galvanized steel
Round eyelets & quot; Bozamet & quot; Poland 3888.5material: galvanized steel