1.0 mm PVC transparent film “Achilles”

Transparent polyvinylchloride (PVC) film 1000 microns (1.0 mm) thick with the effect of reflection of ultraviolet rays, the Japanese company Achilles. Transparent film is used to close window openings in summer cafes, pavilions, hangars and warehouses made of PVC fabrics, as well as in camping sites, tents, open cars and boats. The film is widely used in tent production as well as in tent architecture. The material is characterized by a high degree of transparency, practically does not give shrinkage and is perfectly welded.

ImageThickness, mmRoll winding, m.p.Shirin, see Note
PVC transparent film1.025150High transparency
Weight(grams per square meter)1250 g/sq.m
Roll width137 cm
Thickness1000 microns (1.0 mm)
Fixed weight1.25
Tension strengthlongitudinal = 90; transverse = 87
Relative elongation at rupturelongitudinal =500; transverse =560
UV resistanceBlue Scale =5 min
Lengthwise compression-1% max % (60°C)
Temperature frames-20; +60 °С