680 g/m² fabric with PVC coating awning «Vitex T865» Bulgaria

In the online PVC fabric store, awning accessories and equipment you can order and buy PVC tarpaulin with a density of 680 g / sq. M from the Bulgarian manufacturer “Ruvitex” The basis of the fabric consists of weaving strong synthetic yarns, onto which PVC is applied by injection molding. One side varnishing. Universal material with a wide scope of application, an excellent combination of price and quality. The proposed material of the Bulgarian manufacturer, is widely popular in the market. Being in the price category of Chinese materials, “Vitex” has proved itself to be of higher quality and operational characteristics than Chinese counterparts.

PictureColourDensity, г/m²Width, cm.Winding coil, mp
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеyellow68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеbeige68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеlime68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеorange68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеblue68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеnavy blue68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеdark blue68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеgreen68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеlight gray68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеwhite68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеred68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеbrown68025050
Ткани с покрытием ПВХ тентовыеrifle-green68025050


Base fabric / Thread thickness100 % PES / 1100 Dtex %
Gap resistance2400 N/5cm
Weight (grams per square meter)1  -(one-way)
Varnishing1 / – (one-way)
Gap resistance based2700 N/5cm
Tear resistance at base cut370 N
Tear resistance when cut through the weft290 N
Adhesion90 N/5cm
Working temperature-30/+70 C
Color fastness class7-8
Fire resistanceM3
Applicationawnings, car awnings, summer cafes, banners, awnings, air-supported structures with pumping